Buying a house – The most sane decision?

Building assets and saving money is an inbuilt competence in Indians. We are brought up with this mindset that SAVING is the best policy. Splurging & being a spendthrift is far away from reality and are mostly just new vocabulary words for us. (At least for 80% of the population). And in assets the biggest … Continue reading Buying a house – The most sane decision?

Greece – Planning & Itinerary

Like every year June 2018 was again a holiday month for us. Firstly because it is vacation time for my daughter and secondly because It is my birthday month. This year we decided to visit Greece. Obviously the first thing which comes in our head is white and blue but Greece is much more than … Continue reading Greece – Planning & Itinerary

Christmas at The Tree House Resort

It was the long Christmas weekend & those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook know that we went out for a long ride to spend one night in Tree House resort. This resort is located conveniently opposite Amity University Jaipur & is very easy to reach as Google maps takes the location. It was … Continue reading Christmas at The Tree House Resort