Corona Virus – What to do ?

As the novel Coronovirus continues to spread in China and around the world there is panic and lots of unenlightenment. Especially among the parents where kids are school going and are constantly in touch with 100 other people. The virus has already spread in many countries and its number is increasing. India is trying to … Continue reading Corona Virus – What to do ?

Are you laughing with your child?

Spending time with your kid is a major task for every parent these days. Working or non-working doesn't really matter. Pity on us that we have to "take out" time for our little wonders though all of our time should ideally be theirs. And what do we do when we sit with them? Questions like … Continue reading Are you laughing with your child?

With love, From Mom To my little girl

Very soon my little girl will not be very little anymore. She will be 6 in next few months and with her my motherhood journey will also be 6 years old. Though 6 years is not a very long time but I am sure not very less also. Every single day has been a new … Continue reading With love, From Mom To my little girl

Greece – Planning & Itinerary

Like every year June 2018 was again a holiday month for us. Firstly because it is vacation time for my daughter and secondly because It is my birthday month. This year we decided to visit Greece. Obviously the first thing which comes in our head is white and blue but Greece is much more than … Continue reading Greece – Planning & Itinerary

Summer holidays or pressure holidays

Summer vacations are happening since the time eeeh !!! I don't know. Last day of school before the vacation starts, was supposed to be the most happening day. I don't know If it's the same now also. Because recently when my daughter started with her vacations I observed few older kids stepping out of the … Continue reading Summer holidays or pressure holidays

Stay at home Mum? But What are you learning new?

  Dear Mommies, We know that you have taken a break from your high profile career so that you can stay with your child in her developing critical years. Fantastic, total respect for the decision but let's not forget your development amidst all the mommy responsibilities. You got your degrees and gold medals not only … Continue reading Stay at home Mum? But What are you learning new?

I welcomed my baby with “No Happy” tears

After 5 years of happy, as imagined, prosperous, healthy, wealthy marriage we decided to share our love with a 3rd human being. The decision was not taken in a hurry but undoubtedly I had scary dreams of suffering from pain & lying alone on a hospital bed. Till that time all Karan Johar and Yash … Continue reading I welcomed my baby with “No Happy” tears

Who is in between you and your child ?

Children need our time like they need food & water. As parents striking a balance between our work and the time we spend with our child is of utmost importance. "Positive"/"Good" Parenting is never considered an easy job. No wonder many well researched articles say It's a 24 hour job. Undoubtedly, It is. Thats is … Continue reading Who is in between you and your child ?