Are you laughing with your child?

Spending time with your kid is a major task for every parent these days. Working or non-working doesn't really matter. Pity on us that we have to "take out" time for our little wonders though all of our time should ideally be theirs. And what do we do when we sit with them? Questions like … Continue reading Are you laughing with your child?

No extra classes for my kid

She is 5 and has a mind of her own. I don't push her for anything until & unless I think she will suffer because of that particular thing. Recently, a mommy friend asked me " what all classes G goes to?" and to her surprise I said none. Next question - " Why?" "How … Continue reading No extra classes for my kid

Summer holidays or pressure holidays

Summer vacations are happening since the time eeeh !!! I don't know. Last day of school before the vacation starts, was supposed to be the most happening day. I don't know If it's the same now also. Because recently when my daughter started with her vacations I observed few older kids stepping out of the … Continue reading Summer holidays or pressure holidays