#Gymanxiety – Women suffer more

Anxiety in anything which happens for the first time is common. No one is born confident, experiences make them confident and strong, to handle situations and circumstances which once were too intimidating. Similarly It is not uncommon to feel little anxious and odd before entering your NEW gym. Surveys have shown that gym intimidation many … Continue reading #Gymanxiety – Women suffer more

7 mistakes why you are not losing weight

  It was first day of the New Year when most of us got up in the morning carrying a hangover but with a strong determination that "This New Year we are going to kill it. I am going to be my slimmest best". Last night the dress was too tight and hence the determination … Continue reading 7 mistakes why you are not losing weight

Consistency – Key to your fitness

  Consistency - The biggest devil to capture & control. Once you have it, life is much more easier. This concept of consistency is general in all aspects of life. Whatever you want to  to achieve, the rigorous & continuous effort is mandatory. Same goes with fitness. Joining a fitness plan is much more easier … Continue reading Consistency – Key to your fitness

Post pregnancy at home belly exercises

So after 9 months of intense care & love from everywhere and everyone finally your bundle of joy is here in your arms, Congrats !! You must be enjoying hourly feeds, sleepless nights & unlimited cleaning. Amidst all these getting back into shape is always in your mind but from where to start is the … Continue reading Post pregnancy at home belly exercises

Importance of Warm- Up & Cool-down

Heading to the gym and immediately picking up the best equipment to workout as you are crunched of time is the biggest mistake we do. Warm up and cool down is the most under rated exercise regime of any training program. Though it is the most fundamental one but is easily overlooked and skipped. Warm … Continue reading Importance of Warm- Up & Cool-down

Your Sports bra is your Armour!!

  Do you think It is important to wear a sports bra while you work out ?? Or not?? If you think It is not you are still not working out properly. It is one of the most important things while we workout. While running I give more importance to my sports bra then to … Continue reading Your Sports bra is your Armour!!

Staying Fit or Staying slim ?

"Look at her she is so thin. OMG! She is a mom , Wow!! I wish I also looked like this... but now at this age I don't feel like loosing weight.. Forget it!!! " Lately I have found that we Indian ladies have become quite obsessed with lean body. "Lean is healthy " , … Continue reading Staying Fit or Staying slim ?

Workout during periods

Padman is about to release and that pushed me to write about this 😉 . Working out during periods is the most asked question in the gym. I wondered why. We have always made periods a much bigger "issue" then It ever was. It has gained the non-desirable & unwanted attention by some unusual customs … Continue reading Workout during periods

Metalean Green Coffee – The Natural fat Burner

Recently during my grocery shopping while I was trying to pick some green tea I found this sister concern of same family "Green Coffee". It's from the brand Metalean. I don't know how many of you know about this product but for me It was new. What attracted me more was the mention -"The Natural … Continue reading Metalean Green Coffee – The Natural fat Burner