No extra classes for my kid

She is 5 and has a mind of her own. I don't push her for anything until & unless I think she will suffer because of that particular thing. Recently, a mommy friend asked me " what all classes G goes to?" and to her surprise I said none. Next question - " Why?" "How … Continue reading No extra classes for my kid

40 days of house arrest for new moms – Is it logical?

When I was a teen I remember my mom telling me not to eat eggs on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. Every mentioned day was day of some God. I was too young to rebel and thus accepted without arguments all what was told. With time in my growing years I have come across many more … Continue reading 40 days of house arrest for new moms – Is it logical?

Summer holidays or pressure holidays

Summer vacations are happening since the time eeeh !!! I don't know. Last day of school before the vacation starts, was supposed to be the most happening day. I don't know If it's the same now also. Because recently when my daughter started with her vacations I observed few older kids stepping out of the … Continue reading Summer holidays or pressure holidays