Struggle to stay motivated !!

Getting up 6:00 in the morning with a sudden rush of thought that "It is not working out" is the worst feeling in the world. Last night things looked all good and rosy but somehow something happened overnight and now the whole world looks hazy. It seems everything is meaningless & what makes sense is … Continue reading Struggle to stay motivated !!

Stay at home Mum? But What are you learning new?

  Dear Mommies, We know that you have taken a break from your high profile career so that you can stay with your child in her developing critical years. Fantastic, total respect for the decision but let's not forget your development amidst all the mommy responsibilities. You got your degrees and gold medals not only … Continue reading Stay at home Mum? But What are you learning new?

Women armpit hair – No more gross!

  Being feminine gives us the social responsibility of looking perfect as per the norms set by the people who don't even know what being a female means. One of those norms talk about being non- hairy all the time. Getting your body hair shaved is a common practice in females all over the world. … Continue reading Women armpit hair – No more gross!