Co-sleeping with your child – My take


Co-sleeping with your child was never a taboo in India. We have been doing this since ages and do not find any ridicule attached to it till now. Unlike any other nation we find co-sleeping to be quite an emotional bond building activity. If we don’t talk about recent years we Indian moms never even pondered about not sleeping with our child. There are many notions attached to it.

  1. Initial Feeding days – It is always found to be less stressful especially for the mother to get up and feed the child anytime in the night. Getting up from the bed and moving to the other room makes it a task and sometimes turns it into sleepless night for the mum.
  2. Safety of the kid – Though It is considered to be really unsafe internationally to co sleep with your child but we think It is more safe to have your infant beside you specially between the parents so that there’s no way she could fall off the bed.
  3. Mental Comfort – Sleeping with our child always brings in that mental comfort that she is with us forever even when she is asleep. We love looking at their faces whenever we get up in mid night. We think emotional bonding gets deeper with it.
  4. Waking up happier – Waking up next to the person you love is always more comforting. Seeing each other’s face every morning first thing is the best thing that can happen to a mum and child both.
  5. Babies get more sleep – This is because even if they get up in midnight they have the soothing touch of their mum sleeping next to her to make them fall asleep again.

There can be 100’s of reasons to co-sleep with your child and there can be 1000 more to not practice it. But what matters is what comforts you. I personally feel co-sleeping to be perfect for me. Already kids now a days very soon want to be independent and have their own privacy and room. So till the time they allow you to enter in their space I think we should. I enjoy every moment looking at her innocent face while I am on my laptop and she’s sleeping beside me tension free.

Above is totally my take on co-sleeping. It can differ person to person.

Cheers !!

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