#Gymanxiety – Women suffer more

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Anxiety in anything which happens for the first time is common. No one is born confident, experiences make them confident and strong, to handle situations and circumstances which once were too intimidating. Similarly It is not uncommon to feel little anxious and odd before entering your NEW gym. Surveys have shown that gym intimidation many a times push women to stay at home. Navigating a gym can make any new one conscious but it happens more with women. Why?

  1. Feeling of insecurity – A general scenario of a gym looks like everyone is working hard and full of their own sweat except you. Things which you can never think of doing are being done by many with precision and finesse.
  2. 2. Confusing machinery – Treadmills, elliptical, cycle, pullup machines sometimes can be too confusing to even start. The process of doing it wrong is too scary.
  3. Hardcore – Some of the men & women are too professional to give you anxiety attack. But mind it everywhere there are professionals and seniors, let them do what they are best at.
  4. Fear of being judged – This is the biggest factor. Fear of being judged for not being the fittest and not wearing the perfect gym attire is huge. Everyone seems to look perfect except you to yourself. No toned body and no body hugging clothes everything seems embarrassing. But please understand it happens with everyone on their first day. Forget about others first you should avoid judging yourself.

Not even top trainers are immune to gym anxiety but there are ways to fight it out. Below are some of the strategies to get over your gym anxiety.

  1. Talk to the trainer or hire a Personal trainer – This is the best way of solving all your gym blues. Hiring a personal trainer is the best option for a new gym bee. He / She will take care of all your requirements and  obviously postures. But if hiring a PT seems tough talk to the common trainer which every health club has. Don’t mind asking him for help. After all he is there for that only.
  2. Off Peak hours – Try going to the gym when it is half vacant. It will obviously attract half the eye balls then in the peak hours. Also the health club trainer will be quite free to guide you.
  3. Bring a buddy – It’s always fun to join with one more known face. Your confidence goes up by 50% automatically as you find one more like you with you.
  4. Focus on yourself – It is the easiest to say but toughest to do. It is like asking to mind your own business. No one there in that gym pays your bills so it should hardly matter what they think of you. They will think one day or two day post that it will be all same.
  5. Remember your goals – Don’t forget why you have actually joined the place. Focus on your target and thrive to achieve it full-fledged.

It’s all about being stuck with the starter fatigue. Few days and it’s all over. The only thing that will remain will be your fitness goal. So, keep pushing your limits and don’t let intimidation break your spirit.

Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. And don’t forget to share your thoughts.

Cheers !!

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