Tips – How to walk to lose those extra kilos.


Walking on two legs is our distinction from all other animals. Human Beings evolved and got this posture of walking on two legs. In fact, till the time our brain was not smart enough for making us lazy, we were using these two legs only to cross borders of unlimited kilometers. Walking has always been the best form of cardio with least injuries possible because we are trained to use our legs for that purpose since ages, unlike any other form of exercise. Also no equipment required and can be done anywhere.

But just because walking  is an easy, natural way for humans to burn calories from the food we eat, it doesn’t mean that we can’t learn to do it better. Follow the tips below to make your walk a better version of full body exercise for you.

Count the STEPS

Set a daily goal for yourself. Target setting always is helpful in analyzing your progress. If you are serious about losing weight just check your calorie intake and set a target of daily burn. Start with 5,000 steps and keep increasing it as per your comfort. 10,000 steps per day is recommended for a good weight loss result. There are many apps available in market which will help you track your steps and calories burned. Follow them. Don’t just beat around the bush. Have clarity of your objective.


Leisure walking is not going to help you in weight loss. Your heart rate should be up and moving. You can talk but cannot sing. It has to be intense. Also keep changing the speed. 5 minutes of fast walk (not jog ) followed by 30 seconds of recovery slow walk will benefit more than walking on a constant pace.

Use your arms

Use of your arms will involve your upper body also. It will help you burn 5-10% more calories compared to a normal arm swing walk.

Include strength training

Just to break the monotony and strengthen your muscles involve some basic strength training exercises in your schedule. 2 or 3 times a week in between your walks or post finishing your walk involve some of the basic strength exercises like plank, squats, pushups etc.

Right Shoes & equipment

Please select the right type of shoes before you start walking. Do not try to achieve any of the above in your slippers or sneakers. Your feet and your legs are very important. Spending little extra on them should not be a problem. Get the perfect walking or running shoe. Ask the salesman about your requirement.

Also women do not try to do any of it without a proper sports bra. Please do not allow your breasts to move as per their wish. Keep them tight and sound.

Make Walking a way to commute

Let’s try to ditch our cars and two wheeler for small distances at least. Try to walk and get your groceries. Use your stairs to get that high. Walk and talk while you are with a friend. Consciously try to bring it in your habit. It surely will not harm you in any sense.

Watch your diet

All your efforts will go in vain if you will fail to control your taste buds. Please calculate what you eat. Pre – prepare the meal which you wish to eat post your walk. Do not eat anything everything kept on the table just because you are hungry. Your diet will command the way you will lose those extra kilos. So, please don’t ignore it.


Keep walking & stay fit !!



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