7 mistakes why you are not losing weight



It was first day of the New Year when most of us got up in the morning carrying a hangover but with a strong determination that “This New Year we are going to kill it. I am going to be my slimmest best”. Last night the dress was too tight and hence the determination happened overnight. But yes like all other new year resolutions this also takes its own sweet time to fade away because most of us don’t see results of our so called “hard work”.

We start cutting down on our junk food and try to stick to the well known ” low carb diet”. We try to workout as often as possible but the weighing scale does not show so much of enthusiasm. It does not consider our sacrifice of ignoring our taste buds and keeps lowering down at its slowest pace. Have we ever wondered why ? What is it which is going wrong that the scale is not ready to be my friend. Let’s do a reality check

#Mistake 1- Eating wrong

Food has a very important role in weight loss. Even If you are exercising for hours in the gym and not controlling what you are eating It is not going to happen. Please look into your kitchen and your diet plan. A good diet does not only include what you eat but also the timings. You cannot have breakfast at 7:00 am and then take a low carb lunch at 2:00 pm. There is a time table which your body and mind has to follow. While the exact foods you should be eating depend heavily on your body type, metabolism, and other factors, a good rule of thumb is to stick to all natural and whole foods.

Eat your starchy foods the days you workout and limit them on your rest days. Rest days need protein but No sugar.

#Mistake 2 – Lack Of Consistency

Most of the time we decide ourselves how much is enough for us in exercise and diet both. Missing workouts and cheat meals on weekends are the biggest culprits. We have to understand a calorie deficit diet over the weekdays can be easily be compensated by a junk food meal on a weekend.

Try to be consistent in whatever you are doing or else you will always suffer from that plateau. Your body needs that extra push to cross the barrier. Dont give it a road block every weekend or by skipping workouts. It is a lifestyle accept it.

#Mistake 3 – Not tracking calories and protein intake

Calorie deficit diet needs lots of smart work. Don’t just guess and do it. Fat loss should not happen at the cost of other nutritional deficiency. A good amount of fibre , protein, good fat is mandatory in  daily diet. You cannot jut only eat apples and loose weight. Or may be you can but how It comes back is going to be wonderful to wait for . Create a sustainable diet full of nutrients and calculate the calories appropriately. Guess work won’t take you anywhere.

#Mistake 4 – Doing too much cardio & not lifting weights.

Cardio is a very important part of your workout but doing too much of it is not good. It is a myth that while loosing weight only cardio can help. Too much of cardio leads to lean muscle mass depletion which is not good if you want to increase your metabolism. Our body starts storing energy as fat to act as reservoir. Also it leads to increased appetite and hence you know what.

Your workout should be a good mix of strength training and cardio. Specially women please understand it takes much more then just lifting weights to make you feel bulky. Muscle toning will lead to fat loss. Try different forms of exercises so that your body should not get resistant. Body weight training, squats, pushups, functional training etc.

#Mistake 5 – Not sleeping well

Lack of sleep can affect hormones, ultimately affecting metabolism. Your body needs to relax. Your muscles need time to recover and sleep is the best way. Also not to mention a stressed body and mind is not going to do any good in any case.

#Mistake 6 – Monotony

Your body is a very smart machine. It gets used to same thing very fast. So “Change” is the only key to act smarter. Same diet & same exercise can make your body resistant. Try different types of exercises and diets to meet the needs .Make it exciting for yourself also. If you wish take the help of a professional but just don’t stop

#Mistake 7 – Not hydrating enough

As much as eating drinking is also an important aspect of weight loss. Hydrating your body optimally is very important. Increased water intake also leads to increased fat loss through improved kidney function and improved metabolic processes of fat loss.

TIP – Drink a glass of water before starting any meal. It will make you feel fuller.


Please don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself. You are already testing your body limits everyday so don’t be too harsh. Don’t take unrealistic goals and deadlines and always remember slow and steady progress remains forever. Following a fad diet and losing in a short span and not able to sustain it can be the worst thing. Follow the sustainability idea.

Remember It is a lifestyle you should follow. Don’t negotiate with your body every now and then or just before a family function. Respect it and love it unconditionally.

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