This Women’s Day – Lets pledge

f1a4e860-053d-4cf6-bb6b-d8a57085b828Though we should never wait for any special date, time & day to make any resolutions but you know some days are meant to make you feel different. Especially, we women need these days. Because rest of the time we are too busy being a mother , a wife , a daughter-in- law and an employer to our maids. And our  last two priorities are – being a daughter &  a normal human.

Being a fitness trainer I have often found women (Please read mothers) saying and discussing that we are too busy with our household & job to get time for our self. Or the baby has taken all the time of my life. I surely know this feeling , obviously I am also a mother. But why being a father is not so tricky.

The answer is simple – Once you become a mother you are automatically a MATA (Goddess) who is not allowed to commit a mistake ever. And that burden of being perfect is so heavy that it totally kills a normal human inside us. There is no harm in knowing and exploring and trying to be a good parent but in course of that exploration making it the “only aim” of life is not good.

This is where fathers excel. They don’t mind learning and doing mistakes while their tiny human is growing developing a brain of his own. Fathers generally stay humans. But we mothers have loads of expectations from our own self and the whole world also thinks the same.


No wonder we love our kids & family to infinity but in between all that love no where it is possible to skip the whole process of learning. And when you learn you make mistakes. That’s how it works. So, take a chill. This women’s day let’s pledge some of the below —

  • Please take out your ME TIME. That’s mandatory. We need to think, rethink and meditate.
  • Don’t stop partying and going out with friends. Let Daddy do the duties for some hours. And please don’t call him every 20 minutes to check . He is equally responsible for the birth of your baby. So trust him also.
  • Take care of your body no matter what. Your body is your only possession. Don’t let it deteriorate. It helped you get your love in this world. Help it heal and bounce back to where it was.
  • Please don’t follow every advice given. Listen to all and filter what has to absorbed. Learn that art.
  • STOP judging yourself. You will not be a bad mother If your child is not potty trained at 1 year. Every human knows how to go n pee. So relax. Let the baby take his own sweet time.
  • Don’t shy away from keeping a nanny If you can afford. Or else take help from grand parents If they are ready to offer the same.
  • Take out time for romantic dates with hubby. Love has to be a beautiful part of your life forever.
  • Don’t mind BEING LAZY some days. It is totally humane. Ask your hubby to to cook or just tell the cook what to cook. 😉
  • Learn to FORGIVE yourself. You don’t need anybody else’s validation to prove yourself to be a good mom.

We women are strongest but we don’t have to proove it again and again. You don’t believe it – I DON’T CARE.

Happy Women’s Day !!

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