Wearing the right underwear !

I was quite apprehensive whether to write on it or not . It was becoming tough to decide how to frame the whole writing but then I thought it’s better to go straight. We women are too conscious about our outer appearance but when it comes to our undergarments I think we become oblivious.


When you do not prefer wearing a “chudidaar pyjami” as a replacement to gym tights or a duppatta with a western gown then why do we think its OK to wear same type of underwear under all garments. Wearing a right underwear will make you feel much more comfortable either at home or in a party. So like your big collection of wardrobe you need to have a good stack of right underwear also.

Few facts before selecting the right underwear

1. Size – You should buy the correct size. Please take the help of the lady promoter or simply look into the chart. As it is an intimate hygiene material so trials can be tough. But see If you can try it before buying. Because we don’t like it to either chew our bum because it is tight or slip down the waist as It was not apt for our fat%.

2. Material – Every body & skin is different and you only know what works best for you so get the material right. Satin, cotton, spandex,  lace etc are all available . Obviously comfort wise I think nothing can beat a cotton underwear. But sometimes your purpose decides the material too.

3. Color – Try to pick up colors as per your garments. You cannot wear a fuchsia color under your white pants. Or a mickey mouse underwear below your see through tights. So your outerwear decides your inner wear. It looks really weird when your polka dotted underwear is visible out of your body hugging skirt or tights.

4. Purpose/Occasion – This is the most important factor. Deciding the shape you want to wear. It should totally depend on the dress you are planning to wear. There are different types of underwear available in market. Like –

  • Bikini cut Somewhere between a thong and a hipster. Quite comfortable for daily wear
  • Thong – Provides minimal butt coverage with a triangular patch at the front
  • G strings – Similar to thong with very less coverage and almost a string as waist band.
  • Hipster Good coverage from the back
  • Tummy tuckers
  • French cutThey have high waist band  but  lower-cut leg almost at the widest part of the thighs providing lesser coverage.
  • Seamless – They don’t have any visible seams with no stitches on them. Hence  perfect  for everyday dress as well as for any type of tight clothing.
  • boy shortsInspired from men’s briefs, these are rectangular on the thighs unlike regular panties. They are almost similar to hipsters, but have a lower-cut leg
  • Briefs – Regular good coverage

Your daily wear under wears can be anywhere between a boy short or a hipster or a seamless. But with a body con dress or white trousers or your skin tight gym wear you have to pick the best one. Your visible panty lines through a body con dress only distracts the attention from your beautiful dress. So choose a thong or a G string or a seamless. Your flow days need a more comfortable and coverage wear.

These facts are known to all but somehow we tend to give it a miss. Hygiene starts from inside. Feel fresh and clean without flaunting those panty lines from your gorgeous looking skirt  because few things are just meant to be hidden.

Happy shopping 🙂



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