Consistency – Key to your fitness



Consistency – The biggest devil to capture & control. Once you have it, life is much more easier. This concept of consistency is general in all aspects of life. Whatever you want to  to achieve, the rigorous & continuous effort is mandatory.

Same goes with fitness. Joining a fitness plan is much more easier then following it consistently. It is like having a baby and forgetting. And I believe parenting is the toughest job and so is achieving consistency.

A poor diet & workout plan can also do wonders if It is followed consistently. People forget to understand that loosing weight should not be the only idea. The idea should be never be unhealthy again or why one reached that stage of being so unfit or unhealthy. We don’t pick upon the main objective i.e. a healthy lifestyle. Exercising , running, cycling , eating good, cheat days etc should be a part of our daily lifestyle.

We never skip taking shower or having food then why we take the liberty of skipping our workout? This is because we never developed that good habit of taking care of our health.

Recently I saw a movie which was showing that a man was trapped inside a vault for 3 years and his daily routine was same. But surprisingly that daily routine included 15 minutes of treadmill & pull ups everyday. Now when this man is away from civilization without any company why the hell he wants to exercise? The answer was simple – that is how he is trained since childhood & it’s a habit now.

Once It becomes a habit Its more joyful and results are maximum. So , try to be consistent with your training. Few things which we should keep in mind while we thrive to achieve our fitness goals –

1. Timings – Select a timing for yourself. Please don’t be haphazard. Morning or evening there should a time slot for your body and that should be fixed for almost 90% of the time.

2. Priority – If you are not training to be an athlete or a body builder your workout can be your secondary priority but compared to what that has to be decided by you. For me It is secondary only when compared to my family. I can only change my health plans If my family needs me at that time. No vacation, No outing ever makes it secondary for me.

3. A balanced approach – Consistency doesn’t just apply to frequency of workouts, but how consistently you adhere to the workout format. No wonder who follow it precisely can see the best of results. What muscle to be trained and when is to be seen with precision. Your medical condition along with your body strength will help carve a path of your fitness journey. No two bodies are same and therefore No two people can do same workouts while achieving same results. Listen what your coach has to offer.

So, while you decide to start your fitness journey please be determined to never look back again. Train, hard, Train smart but TRAIN CONSISTENTLY.


Cheers !!



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