Buying a house – The most sane decision?


Building assets and saving money is an inbuilt competence in Indians. We are brought up with this mindset that SAVING is the best policy. Splurging & being a spendthrift is far away from reality and are mostly just new vocabulary words for us. (At least for 80% of the population).

And in assets the biggest and most happy moment is buying a house. Staying in a rented apartment was always considered a bane. I have heard people saying ” apna ho chahe 2 kamre ka ho” (It should be self owned even if it is just a 2 bedroom apartment). I was also surrounded by the same audience who were pushing us to save & save & further save to buy our dream house at the age of 23. It was supposed to be the most sane decision ever. But now I ponder and rather get confused that why a non-liquid asset is given so much importance. We are asked to cut down on everything to pay the monthly installments of these assets. Moreover , with the plummeting real estate market people don’t mind living alone in a building post possession and witness a whole new world getting built up in front of them.

At the age of 23 I wanted, and I am sure every one wants to build a career , travel the world and do things which are just meant for youngsters. But instead of fulfilling those desires we bound our self in building assets for the future which we are not even sure of. We take loans and work hard day & night with a pressure in mind that I have to repay the loan and at any cost can’t stay JOBLESS.

That’s how we chop our own wings. The age which was all about learning & experiencing we donate towards hardships of building an asset for our old age.

  • We are scared to loose our job
  • We are scared to find a new job ( No stability )
  • We are scared of experimenting
  • We are too cautious of our decisions which are sometimes supposed to be wrong.
  • The mind which should have worked towards making our life more memorable gets occupied towards the home loan interest rate fluctuation.

Saving for our future is always a good idea but depriving our self from enjoying the present is not. No way I want to say that waste your hard earned money on all so stupid stuff you wanted to do. It is about being free. Free from being a slave of the idea of having a perfect future. No one will stop you from buying a house, It’s just the way you do it. You have the money go ahead but If It stops you from living your present I say let’s not do it now.

Everything is time bound. This time, this moment will never return. Live it to the fullest and be smart enough to plan the future without conspiring against your present.

Also there are more way you can invest your money without burdening yourself from unnecessarily.

Think of it – If you don’t have to pay home loan how your life would have been ??

PS – This is totally my opinion. With all due respect to people who believe in building a house first and doing the rest later đŸ˜‰

Cheers !!!!

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