Are you laughing with your child?


Spending time with your kid is a major task for every parent these days. Working or non-working doesn’t really matter. Pity on us that we have to “take out” time for our little wonders though all of our time should ideally be theirs.

And what do we do when we sit with them?

Questions like –homework? What happened in class? Hows other classes going? Marks ? Food ? Medicine? Future? This is from where discussion starts and goes till its either Good Night or Good Day.

How many of us just sit with them and listen to their silly jokes?or how they actually spoiled their uniform today in school or just how she managed to pull someone’s ponytail..

Laughter is the best medicine and the best ice breaker also. Humor is a mandate in life. Life is obviously not easy and we have our shares of ups and downs. But to handle those we need positivity. A laughter can change the whole aura of a place. Teach your kids how to laugh freely and find humor in the toughest of the life situations. Staying happy is the only wish we want for our children but how to achieve it is still unknown. Empower them with the power of humor and laughter. No good has ever happened with a sulking face and attitude. Laugh with them even when you are watching a horror movie. (I never liked Annabelle doll.. It’s too funny to be scary .. N I feel like laughing on its face). Laugh even when they failed. Smile when they are sick. Smile more when they fall instead of being pity. Tell them It was a fun moment and you are supposed to enjoy and learn from your fall also.

The positivity you get when laughing  increases energy for your brain and body. It helps  to stay more focused and look at the problems from less frightening perspectives.

Let’s start adding humor in our life, in our family and in our society. We need to smile and laugh more because as it spreads the wider will be the reach of positivity in this forever frowning world.

Keep Smiling !!!

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