With love, From Mom To my little girl


Very soon my little girl will not be very little anymore. She will be 6 in next few months and with her my motherhood journey will also be 6 years old. Though 6 years is not a very long time but I am sure not very less also. Every single day has been a new learning & challenge, starting from whether to make her wear diapers or not to not approving her to grow her hair long. Everything needed lots of attention forever.

But in this process of learning and unlearning concepts of parenting my idea of raising a kid has always been clear. It is very rightly said by someone that getting a kid in this world is much easier then making her ready to live a beautiful life. And that’s where the challenge is. So, today I thought of penning down what always is in my mind while I look at my daughter growing up everyday. I want her to read It some day to know what I wanted her to be like after 20 years down the timeline. I  may not be 100% correct this is how I feel right now.

  • She is a girl .. She should know this only to write in gender column. No way in my upbringing I make her realize that she should do something just because she is a girl. She is a human child and therefore she should know the social behavior of the same.
  • She is not supposed to follow us blindly. We as parents want best for our kids but we can not be always right. No producer or director wants a flop movie but flop movies are made. So, she is trained to be inquisitive and to question our decisions . It keeps us also on our toes to not pass a judgement haphazardly.
  • Asking questions does not give one a leverage to be ill mannered. This is one thing which I am very very particular about. Under no circumstances you are supposed to forget your etiquette. You give respect you get respect – That’s the rule of life.


  • Make both good and bad friends – Life will not be always rosy. It is always a roller coaster. So be prepared a friend today can be an enemy tomorrow. This should not upset you rather should teach you “How to judge a human” . More the experience better will be the  judgement. But never STOP making friends. You always need a family outside your own family.
  • Don’t be afraid of standing alone. Be strong headed and achieve what you thrive for. Don’t be scared because no one else is supporting you for the same. Always remember all the big names and companies started just after a so called stupid idea stuck to someone more stupid. Leaders always stand alone. Crowd always makes a good audience.
  • We don’t mind her forgetting us. Yes , she has the full right to forget her parents but the logic has to be really strong .  After all it’s her life and she has her own grey cells to respond to situations.
  • No matter what don’t ever compare your parents love for you against your mom dads love for each other. Your parents love each other so much that a miracle like you came into existence. But of course you will always be in a dilemma that whom Daddy loves more (Me or you )
  • Loving a man (she better chooses a man only) should never make you weak. Love always makes you strong and if it is not, It is not love. So get over it and move on.
  • Never ever compromise on your self respect. This is one thing which will always remain with you. Some one hurting your self esteem doesn’t deserve you.  Man or woman doesn’t matter.

My dear daughter

We will always guide you in whatever you will do but the final decision has to be yours. You have to build your own beautiful life. If you will ever fall you will  find us standing behind you to hold but we wish, you just keep flying high & high. Don’t ever be scared of situations and circumstances. You have been nurtured by a strong self made man (your dad) and a lady (your mom) who always made her own rules. You have been an independent child forever and we wish you stay like that and contribute positively towards society to make this world a better place.

Happy Children’s Day!





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