How “Love” changes after 10 years of marriage


Its been 10 years that I am married. It is supposed to be a milestone and yes we also acknowledged it and celebrated it with full elan. Parties, outings, celebrations, gifts and what not. But what caught my attention was the question from one of my very close friend  – “Its been 10 years, do you still feel the love in the air ? “

It was a tough one, which pushed me to actually introspect If I am still in love. Though, I agree that now there is no such love in our life which co existed 10 years back. No more he brings in bouquet of 100 roses to make me feel I am his beloved. No more I wait for him on the dinner table to have food together. No more we go to airports to pick each other after a week long work mode. Nothing is same now. Is it because we are ageing  or the love has just disappeared? Is our marriage not working ?

Neahhhhhhhh !!!!!!

Only 10 years
Just been 10 years 😉

There is only one change that happened between us i.e. “Love has got new meanings “. No more traditional definition of love is fitting our lives. No doubt we enjoyed that rosy phase of our life where the traditional cupid love played the most important role but change is where the constant is. We are adoring the new “LOVE” between us.

We are busy with our daily chores forever – his office, my work, daughter’s school, household management, social life etc. 24 hours seems too less. But in this daily busyness how we find solace is through each others presence.

  • Early morning just by him bringing a cup of tea for both of us brings a smile on our faces. Now this is love for us.
  • Him asking generally -” hows work going? Hope you liking it? If not just forget it .. Don’t stress too much” – And these lines bring in that motivation in my stressed work life. That is what is love for us now.
  • Me getting his favorite dish prepared (no more struggle to be a good cook myself, I have help for that) just like that and eating it together on a weekday with a glass of wine watching Doremon with our daughter. This is the new love.
  • Asking him to see If I have grey hair and laughing just because he thinks I already had many is love for us.
  • Going out with my girls and asking him to come home soon to baby sit and him responding OK without any questions is love for me.
  • Him not calling me again and again to check my whereabouts is love for us . ( just a normal wats app message from both the side works well for the safety point).
  • I don’t like anyone calling me again and again and asking when where why. Him respecting that thought of mine is love and its vice versa.
  • Both of us discussing finances and investments together is love.
  • Thinking how can we grow more in personal & professional life is love.
  • Knowing that he is the first one to be present when I need him is love. I don’t need proofs now.
  • The feeling of calmness and satisfaction when he is around even when we are not talking is love.

There are 100 such things which I can write that describes the new love for me. These 10 years have changed love into confidence, belief & trust. Feelings so strong that mere by the body language we can make out if there is something wrong. Words have lost its meanings, our hearts & eyes talk. We don’t need to open our mouth to feel the pain or the happiness.  So, It’s not that the love has changed It’s just the definition that has changed. And we are loving the new found meaning. Our daughter is  growing well watching us fall in love again and again in a new way. She knows love is mutual & so is respect.

How is love happening for you???

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