No extra classes for my kid

Ms. G
Ms. G

She is 5 and has a mind of her own. I don’t push her for anything until & unless I think she will suffer because of that particular thing. Recently, a mommy friend asked me ” what all classes G goes to?” and to her surprise I said none. Next question – ” Why?” “How she spends her time at home?” I started pondering & found that she is always busy.

Yes, I don’t send my child to any extra class because she is not interested – simple. She asked me that she wants to learn swimming so I sent her there. She learnt it and is doing it every season now. Post that she never asked me for any other class despite me asking many times if she wants to learn painting or skating or dancing. We mothers get influenced very easily and that happened with me too  when I found my child is the one who goes to almost zero extra classes. I pushed her till the time she replied back one day ” Why do you want me to do what every one else is doing? I don’t want to do all that. Google is there It tells me whatever I want “

It was a surprise for me. A 5 year old telling me what google can do. I stopped asking her and pushing her. But what she said that day I saw her doing it at home many a times. She knows how to sketch and paint only through you tube. She picks up new words through  you tube stories. She reads books ( both English and Hindi). She is no way a shy or an anti social kid. She knows how to play tennis through her dad.

Ms G's canvas painting
Ms G’s canvas painting

Later I realized that pushing our kids to do what they don’t want to makes no sense for them. Every child is different and therefore no same formula can work on all of them. Now a days we parents give them everything without their demands and hence they don’t even realize the importance of the same. I have seen kids joining classes and leaving them in a month or two just because they get bored. So, finally I decided I will put her in any extra class only when she will show keen desire towards it. I am not going to serve her everything on a ready made plate. She has to ask for it and have to justify the same.

Like kids every parent is also different. This is how I think. I may be wrong but right now for my child this approach is working well.

What is your take on this.

P.S – Yes technology right now is working well for me & my child is not even obsessed with it.


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