Importance of Warm- Up & Cool-down

Heading to the gym and immediately picking up the best equipment to workout as you are crunched of time is the biggest mistake we do.

Warm up and cool down is the most under rated exercise regime of any training program. Though it is the most fundamental one but is easily overlooked and skipped.

Warm up & cool down need not be majorly long but it has to exist. Besides injury prevention, both are important for  flexibility,  strength, and enhanced circulation.

Warm – up

Warming up refers to the process of increasing blood flow to the muscles which are  supposed to be engaged as per the routine. A proper warm – up prepares the targeted muscles to get more oxygen and blood flow. Specially before weight lifting a desirable minutes of targeted muscle warm up is mandatory. It should not be intense but just focused to increase your heart rate.

Dynamic movements are best for warm -ups. It can include:

  • Low intensity cardio on any equipment like treadmill or bike
  • Arms , legs body movements/ swings to make them active
  • Body weight less intense stretching

Cool – Down

Same way  cool down is also important before finishing off the training. Its the best way to get rid of soreness & stiffness post an intense workout.

  • It decreases the body temperature
  • lowers the heart rate
  • controls blood pressure
  • Helps to remove metabolites like lactic acid produced during rigorous exercise

It prepares the body for next workout whether same day or next day without changing the chemical composition of the body and the body more flexible

A decent cool

down can be of 5-10 minutes which can include static exercises like

  • stretching the muscles – helps in muscle relaxation while restoring them to their normal length
  • slow / briskwalk
  • ham/quad/chest stretches


Give proper time to your warm – up and cool – down to enjoy injury free workouts.

Cheers !!  Enjoy your workout to the fullest.

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