Summer holidays or pressure holidays


Summer vacations are happening since the time eeeh !!! I don’t know. Last day of school before the vacation starts, was supposed to be the most happening day. I don’t know If it’s the same now also. Because recently when my daughter started with her vacations I observed few older kids stepping out of the bus with shoulder bags and a distress smile, murmuring” God its so heavy “.  I wanted to be sweet and with a broad smile asked them ” So now it’s holiday time what is the plan?” I think that was the most unexpected question for them. With some unwanted desire and dilemma in their eyes they replied ” Aunty with so much of homework we don’t think we are on holidays” and before I could say anything else they just walked away.

I did not realized the importance of what they said till the time I opened my grade 1 daughter’s holiday circular. I was surprised to see how much homework she has got. They have divided things week wise , subject wise, and have made sure that the kid should not stay ideal.

I am still trying to figure out how will a 1st grader be able to make a 3D model. I am not against homework but the only point is the logic. Reading books, watching movie , learning poems is all fine but making models, projects where you know the parent will be doing all the work, what is the point of having it. Are we trying to judge parent’s creativity ?

Excess of anything is bad and in last few days I have realised how much I have to push my daughter to do these homework. Because she has a logic ” Its my holidays why you want me to study so much” and I have just one thing in my not so curious mind ” Holiday homework circular & submission dates”.

Moreover the technology has become so advanced that It does not even allow us to forget about that submission date. Watts app / school portals / H.W portals keep reminding me that I have to make a model.

I don’t know where our education system is heading. I even don’t know If I am right or wrong but one thing is sure – I am totally confused and still don’t know from where to start that 3D model.

Also my daughter is not going to any summer camps in this summer heat. We chill at home in our own style , after all it’s holiday time.

P.S – Above is not to offend  any teacher or school or summer camp. These are purely my thoughts

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