Ladke Samjhao aur Sikhao !


“Saare Jahan se achaa hindustan hamara” I sang it forever, be it in school or college. Even now I don’t have any opinion (please read objection) on singing national anthem in movie halls before watching Sunny Leone dancing on “tirpi tirpi saiyaan” . Rather I push my 5 year old also to respond the same, even when we are outside the hall and just can overhear it.

Trust me ! I am not doing any favor to my country , I genuinely love & respect my nation & want my daughter also to do the same. As a women , I only wish to receive the same in return – Good deed & respect.

We Indians are not new to listening & reading about female torture, either, It is about Sati  or Sita or dowry or RAPE. It’s been happening here for ages. Agree or not but we are quite used to these news but how to respond when your 5 year old GIRL asks “What is rape?” Justice for Ashifa is all over TV & newspaper & we tend to see something or other related to it on TV in front of our daughter which gave her a new word to ask about “RAPE”.

Girl -Mom – What is Rape?

Me – What??

Girl – He is saying Rape.. What is that ?

Me – ………..IGNORE…. Go in your room & play.

I could not think of a way of explaining her what it is. Though I wanted to tell her as she is also a girl and she has to be cautious all her life. She has to bear the burden of her femininity forever and will have to protect it also. Because, our society & our mentality will take I don’t know how may decades to change & understand few basic concepts of living.  In a country that still fails to recognize the existence of something called ‘marital rape” how do you expect people to trust & follow – “beti bachao beti padhao”.


We don’t  need beti bachao padhao , we need ” Ladke padhao, samjhao aur sikhao”. Our girls are told not to go out late & to wear decent clothes as If we plan to do all this to get raped. We don’t want to accept the real cause otherwise this would have been realized long back that, uneducated, uncivilized men are the real culprits & not our mini skirts. No girl goes and says ” Rape me & kill me” It is the frustrated self obsessed male ego which pushes some men to do so & prove ,what, I don’t know or may be I know but don’t have the guts to write. And If it is not mentality then what do you actually get out of raping a 8 years old or a 8 months old girl. It is sickness. We have to treat our men. They need help until its too late.


It is nothing related to hormones or any science It is just the thought process. Indian men are still not realizing that women are also humans with equal rights to live & breath on their own. When Sania Mirza can be judged by the length of her skirt & not her medals then what else to talk about.dont-rape

I think Education & learning is the only key to all this. How to decide what is right & what is wrong everybody should learn. We women are also god’s creation , please don’t treat us like animals who are fighting hard for their respectful survival. Don’t misbehave with us just because of our gender.We have been suppressed from ages in some or the other way, why ? We are not demanding any luxury we just want what is ours – Dignity & respect.

Otherwise It’s better to say “Na beti bachao Na rape karao” .

I am trying hard not to believe  – “that is why people never wanted girls”
Help ! Please help !


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