Your Sports bra is your Armour!!


Love your body

Do you think It is important to wear a sports bra while you work out ?? Or not??

If you think It is not you are still not working out properly. It is one of the most important things while we workout. While running I give more importance to my sports bra then to my shoes because later I really don’t want to walk with those tiny little boobs hanging like dead.

Good Support

A right sports bra is must while we workout or run. Breasts are not made up of muscle tissue but of fat and skin and that is why they cannot hold themselves up over the years. While we work out or run boobs do lot of movement which over a course of time makes them saggy. Breast skin stretches with excessive movement and If not supported properly It loosens and once stretched will not go back to old shape. A good sports bra will help you hold and nurture “coopers ligament” (ligament which supports breasts) and makes them feel good for long.

Good Comfort

A good sports bra hep reduces the breast pain. Sometimes lot of jumping and running leads to pangs of pain in the chest area & back . A good fit sports bra helps covering those boobs from all around & avoid those pains. But If the pain persists consult your doctor.

Avoid those stares

There is nothing more embarrassing then finding people staring at your jumping boobs. While we workout 100% focus should be on our form and not on the falling straps or loose cups or unnecessary stares. One of the biggest advantages of wearing a sports bra is that it helps avoid nasty stares and glances while working out. A good quality sports bra fits awesomely around the upper torso, holds the breasts in place, and to a significant extent, prevents the breasts from bouncing during exercise.

Spend a little more on these beauties !!

I spend a little more on my fitness apparel then the regular ones. Because while I workout I want to feel good and stay in my perfect posture. Buy a sports bra according to your need, your activity type and your breast size.

  1. High Impact sports bra – for high intensity workouts
  2. Medium Impact – for activities like biking etc
  3. Low Impact provides low support. Best for yoga and light exercises.

Select colour and design as per your style. We have so many options now in market (Need to write a different post on this 😉 )

  1. Wired
  2. Underwired wired
  3. Racerback
  4. Spaghetti straps
  5. Compression bras
  6. Encapsulated bras

So, don’t hesitate in making your boobs feel great while you workout to build that svelte body for yourself.

Stay fit ! Stay smart !!




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