Struggle to stay motivated !!


Getting up 6:00 in the morning with a sudden rush of thought that “It is not working out” is the worst feeling in the world. Last night things looked all good and rosy but somehow something happened overnight and now the whole world looks hazy. It seems everything is meaningless & what makes sense is just negativity.

Yes I suffer with these mood swings & negativeness. I think most people who want to experiment a lot in life suffer from this. These are the times when we start questioning our decisions. The overall clutter in the mind is of negative thought. No ray of hope looks soothing. Every colleague or college mate of yours who is doing better then you professionally or personally or whatever makes you feel like sh*t. It seems there is only person who could not do anything fruitful in life and that’s “You yourself”.


I accept that It happens with me, there are many who do not want to. But the fact is – its natural. Doubting our decisions & contemplating our own ideas is what makes us different from animals. We humans keep introspecting to get the best for ourselves & for the society and in that course of action doubting and criticizing our own self becomes obvious. But how to overcome this ? Who can help? We can not live with such heavy heads. There is only one person who can be of help and that’s again ” you yourself”. These sudden mood swings & negativity is sign of lack of confidence and who can rebuild that confidence is we our self.

Analyse the good around you. Look what you have and no one else has. Find out your strength , in your child or in your husband or in your friends & family. Everyone has something or other in their lives which brings smile on their faces. Find that one reason. Start praising your decisions, after all they are totally yours. Even if they are wrong they are 100% yours. Feel how your decisions are bringing changes in someone’s life. And In end try realizing that not all decisions are meant to be right. And instead of sitting idle doing nothing It’s better to take the risk and try to bring a good change in the universe. Getting scared is obvious but that obvious should not rule the mind. Remember successful people don’t do different things they just do it differently. Fight out the negativity & stop thinking “what other’s will think” , half the battle is won there only.

So, pull up your socks and clear that clutter & stay motivated & happy forever.

Remember Only ” I ” can doubt myself and only ” I ” can motivate myself.



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