Staying Fit or Staying slim ?

strong is Se*xy

“Look at her she is so thin. OMG! She is a mom , Wow!! I wish I also looked like this… but now at this age I don’t feel like loosing weight.. Forget it!!! “

Lately I have found that we Indian ladies have become quite obsessed with lean body. “Lean is healthy ” , ” Lean is *exy” , you can wear whatever you want and look good.. Really????

I disagree. Recently a friend got her blood tests done , the regular full body check up. And before I tell you the results let me describe her . 5feet 6inches, weight 55, quite nice posture and body, no disease, no ailments. Report says – very high cholesterol, very low Vit B12, very very low Vit D, and there were few more ups and downs which I can’t recall (tough biological names 😉). Everyone including herself was surprised to see the reports.

“She looks so fit how come high cholesterol”.

This is the latest trend . We think we are not over weight so we should not exercise & can eat whatever we wish to. People also give you the leverage and confidence to eat whatever junk you want to eat by saying ” you can afford to have it” .

High time! We have to realize that every lean body is not a healthy/fit body. Lean is not always healthy rather can be an indication of some disease which is rooted inside the body and is always getting ignored under the good image of a lean body. Being fit is different from being lean. Everyone should exercise and build that strength which our body requires with growing age.

Mommies , please don’t feel bad about your weight , feel bad about your health. As a mum you have to be strong forever. Your healthy body & fresh mind can only make this possible. Weight loss should be a part of a healthy lifestyle and not the heart of it. It’s not that only lean women can do all the things on earth. Have you not seen fat belly dancers or runner ladies who are not at all lean. Bharti , the comedian is an example. She has the most flexible body ( we all saw her in jhalak).

So, let’s be more ready to get healthy rather than lean.

Let’s be stronger & happy both physically & mentally.

Let’s eat good food and AVOID maximum of junk ( Oh yes! we can have junk food once in a week😉)

Cheers !!

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