Stay at home Mum? But What are you learning new?


IMG_6576Dear Mommies, We know that you have taken a break from your high profile career so that you can stay with your child in her developing critical years. Fantastic, total respect for the decision but let’s not forget your development amidst all the mommy responsibilities. You got your degrees and gold medals not only to do a job. Education is a phenomenon which keep on evolving with time and no where It is said & proved that education is the right of those only who want to earn money to feed their families.

Sometimes I get these superfluous statements for myself ” What a waste of talent, you should not sit at home, do something , contribute to the society” (Yes I am a full time MBA with a Gold & silver Medal). Gosh! Really? I think I am contributing ” The Best” to this world by making a beautiful , civilized human being. I am sorry I don’t trust my employee ( nanny) for this job. Some jobs are best done by the owners only ( the majority shareholders you know ;)).

We earned a degree not to prove to the world how much we can earn. Getting a degree and being well educated is a part of life. It should not be seen under any circumstances as waste. It should be a mandate of life like any other process for example : breathing, taking shower, getting married etc etc… And as evolution is the process of nature same way education is. We should keep on learning new things. Some wise people said  ” Knowledge never goes waste”, totally agree. Acquiring knowledge should not be related to who you are – A boy, a girl, a mom, a dad, an entrepreneur , a manager or a helper.

So mommies though you must have left your jobs but no ways you should stop learning. Keep on learning, do things which interest you the most. May be a course in French Language or Spanish, or in teaching or ___ I am sure there are 1000s of things which fascinate you and which leaves you wondering “how”. Explore it , learn it and master it.

This is how you continuously challenge yourself and give a new meaning of education to your kids also. You are home to nurture them, so, do it beautifully in the most magnificent way possible. They should have in mind all together a different meaning of education. It should not be a burden anymore , It should be a part of their lives and to do so make it the part of your life.  Continuous development is the key.

So, Just introspect what is next which you want to learn 🙂 🙂

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