Workout during periods

Women Of Today
Periods not a taboo

Padman is about to release and that pushed me to write about this đŸ˜‰ . Working out during periods is the most asked question in the gym. I wondered why. We have always made periods a much bigger “issue” then It ever was. It has gained the non-desirable & unwanted attention by some unusual customs followed during those 5 days. Still in many places women are not allowed to forget for 5 days that she is bleeding. And from there, all our questions arise.
Shall we do this or not ?
Should I go running ?
Should I do yoga?

My only answer is why not ?

I proudly carry my periods

Kiran Gandhi  ran the London Marathon during her period—without a tampon. She had the choice to use sanitary products but she did it to raise awareness for women who lack access to feminine care products (Our very own female PADMAN) and crossed the finish line with blood-soaked tights. So if she could run 26.2 miles bleeding freely, then the rest of us can probably handle an hour of workout class? Isn’t it ?

I myself ran 10 km Pinkathon 2017 on 1st day of my periods. And I think no way It stopped me from achieving my personal best timing of 10 km. I was also apprehensive whether to do it or not but In my mind I knew “It’s all in the mind”.

I read a lot about this. Few years back I would not workout during my periods. But due to the constant flow of information from my doctors, dietician I finally started doing it and to my surprise It worked well. How ?

  1. My cramps eased out.
  2. Less fatigue
  3. No Irregular periods
  4. No mood swings

There are scientific explanations behind all these. Hormonal changes during periods & release of endorphins during exercise brings all these good changes in body. Also, The overall feel of why not in itself is the trigger to workout. It happens every month, it’s a part of my life like any other organ so why should I give it extra dose of importance every month?

Exercises to do during periods

This totally depends on your comfort level. Only advise is to avoid doing inverted poses like headstand etc. There is scientific logic for that also. So except looking the world upside down all the exercises can be done depending on your comfort level. Cardio, weights, core etc.

Your Body your decision

Above all, at the end of the day It is your body and If you want to take rest during those days It is totally alright. Totally a personal choice. But if you want to keep moving no one can stop you.

So, finally the decision is yours … Cheers !!

Do share how you handle your periods.


Disclaimer : These are my personal opinions. For more details you can contact a certified doctor.

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