5 year old thinks begging is not bad


It was a winter weekend afternoon and we were on our way back home after having some real sumptuous food. We were heavily loaded with food and half asleep (except my driving hubby 😉 ). Suddenly the car came to halt on a red light.  We were embracing the winter sun happily when suddenly a knock on the window distracted us & broke the silence inside the car. An old man with a bowl and a stick was standing outside & using the sign language was asking for money. He was having a slouched body, white unshaved beard, wearing torn brown half jacket and not so white dhoti. We Indians are used to this type of scene but I guess my daughter was not very clear what that old man was asking for. She asked us what he wants and why is he banging the window glass. We told he is begging & asking for money. To our surprise she started taking out some coins from the car’s center pocket. I hushed the old man away from the window and also scolded my daughter on what she was trying do.
I told her It is not good to give money to beggars. And from here started the series of inquisitive questionnaire.

Daughter : Why we should not give money?

Me : It is not a good practice, they should work and earn.

Daughter : But he is such an old man. How will he work. He is like my grandpa. See he can not even walk properly and you want him to work? My grandpa also stays at home , he also is not working, from where is he getting money ?

Me: **Silent** **silent** Papa is there to take care of Grandpa na ?

Daughter : Where is this old man’s son? Why is he not giving him money? Why is he walking on road like this. He is not wearing good clothes also. We should have given him 2 coins. You are not a good mom, you asked him to hush away. He must be so sad.

Me : ** Silent** **silent**

And then Daddy came to rescue. He told her that their son must have left him and that he is alone. But our daughter was not convinced, she wanted to know from where he will get food, money, home etc.
We finally surrendered and told our girl that they stay in different houses in night where they get food and that those houses are made by few people for all these who do not have anyone to support them. She got so emotional that took 5 minutes pause and finally said “I will also make houses for them”. We could not understand how to react to that. For a 5 year old understanding so much and getting emotional was scaring me. I could not convince her that begging is bad as I was not having any answer to ” from where he will get money”.
indexIt is not easy to convince toddlers specially when they have strong view points. I still don’t have answers to her queries. But what surprises me is that how these small things around us effects a child’s brain. How they build their own theories and also try to answer all the questions. Little brains are too sensitive , proper nurturing can bring the best & mind blowing outcomes.

Have you ever faced such dilemmas? Where your child seems to be right but you can’t say that she is right???


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