Metalean Green Coffee – The Natural fat Burner

Green coffee

Recently during my grocery shopping while I was trying to pick some green tea I found this sister concern of same family “Green Coffee”. It’s from the brand Metalean. I don’t know how many of you know about this product but for me It was new. What attracted me more was the mention -“The Natural Fat Burner”. Its quite an attractive line ya ;). After fairness I guess fat loss is the biggest aim of our lives 😛 .

Anyways because of inquisitiveness I picked up this product. It was not cheap. MRP – Rs 275/_ for 25 sachets. But you know “Fat Burner” 😛 .

I started drinking it instead of my green tea. Taste wise I did not like it as I am not a fan of black coffee also. So many of you can love it. Its easy to make. Just water and sachet and it’s done. Either cold or hot both choices are there.


The product has loads of details on the pack itself. It says :

I like having it in hot water. Just boil water in half cup and empty the sachet in the cup and it’s done.


This is how it looks like. Not very fascinating in looks , just like any other green tea or say black coffee.

My take on the product:

I am drinking it for past one month and frankly speaking don’t know why. I am regular at workouts and do not have that extra fat also ,so, I think I am the wrong user. Though whenever I binge on heavy meals this comes as a savior psychologically. In my mind I feel I burned those extra calories 😛 & hence the guilt comes down :D. I keep it in my drawer specially during cheat days.


Would I recommend ?

For sure!! what’s the harm in trying? Every body is different and we humans will still take ages to understand the metabolism and anatomy of human body completely. So, may be what is not working for me may work quite well for someone else. Also when we gave green tea a chance to prove itself why not green coffee ;). Go ahead try it but one thing is for sure, there is no shortcut. Work hard & use these as supporters. They can’t work in isolation to give you the body you want. Work hard on your body and start loving yourself a little more.

Where to buy ?

Any big departmental store or supermarket. And even better is go on Amazon. There are other brands also. Check the rating and order one for yourself. For this brand I could not find online.


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