Why I started Running ??


I started running officially almost 2 years back. My first race was Coach Ravinder’s Dwarka, Delhi Marathon which I participated because of a friend who is a dwarka resident. She asked & I agreed (Oh No !! Not that pre-marriage photo shoot types 😉 )

I did pretty well pace wise in my 1st ever 5K and therefore went ahead participating in many more races ( majorly 10Ks). By that time since I lost all my pregnancy fat and was already into workouts & personal training the major question which came my way was “WHY”.

I started brisk walking post my baby (almost 4 years back), as was trying to shed ofIMG_6641f those extra pounds. I used to walk 2-3 kms everyday when one day I saw a 60+ uncle ji crossing me like a bullet. I remember how an over – confident smile appeared on my face  “Huh! What this old man thinking ? he can beat me ??” I was too confident being a young and fit ( in my own terms) mother. I started following him. That was my first day of running. Harder I tried crossing him faster he was dissapearing. My heart was in my mouth and my legs were shivering like crazy. I could not understand what to do. It was the day of realization of my fake strength. I was not even able to properly follow a running old man. As he disappeared he also took my arrogant smile & my confidence in my superficial fitness.

That old man is the reason why I started running (Alas! No celebrity names). I wanted t

My Gang Of girls “Pinkathon 2017”

o prove my own self about my strength. Loosing weight was not my objective. I wanted to become strong. I started running, exercising, strengthening and worked on my overall body. Weight loss and confidence building are the byproducts which I got along with a strong body.

I don’t have a fancy story to share why I started running. I was not overweight, nor by god’s grace fighting any depression, not even was short of friends. I started running without even knowing about these marathons. I was just fighting with that old man’s pace.

I am not a crazy runner. I don’t run all the marathons of the world but I run for practice & fun every week once or twice. I run to enjoy and to feel confident when my body pushes the new limits every now and then. I love when I see my legs & muscles working hard to achieve the targeted pace.

So, most of the time when people ask “why” I am almost speechless. I simply say ” It’s fun”. Also , now all the marathon organizers are making it such a gala event that you cannot afford to give it a miss. Its a festival for runners. You meet people with different qualities & capabilities. And how about making new friends while on the go. A totally different experience.

I don’t say start running but for sure try staying fit & strong. Choose & select your own path to fulfill that objective. Your body is your only thing which will stay with you forever. Take care of it.



2 thoughts on “Why I started Running ??

  1. Reading your blog gives me immense pleasure. I can relate to your stories. Totally agree with your last line. Your body is your only thing… Take care of it. I too am in the process of getting there. The motive is not to shed weight or fight depression but rather gain a strong body.


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