Adjusting to the changed status – Working to Non-working


9 years back I was not the person I am today. Obviously, I was just 22, young, passionate and too excited to achieve something for myself. I started my career with a fantastic organization and worked hard to reach the top of the corporate ladder. Gave my sweat and blood and maternity days to become what I was there. Life was almost perfect till I became mother to a baby girl. My priorities did not change. My career was my top priority and it remained there, just that it was now sharing that platform with my parenting duties also. We had two contenders for that position. I tried my level best to let them stay at top for 3 more years but as we all know life is not easy and therefore finally my career slipped down the ladder of priority and went below my motherhood duties.

It was not an easy decision. No one in family ever asked me to leave a job and stay back home. It was my decision; it was my take towards my daughter’s upbringing. Finally after lots of hoopla hoop I quit my job.

Now began the real battle. Every second WOMAN on this earth was asking me


“Why not daycare?”

“It must be tough?”

“Now What”

Evening outings in parks were more of Q&A sessions for me. Trust me; it was not at all a good feeling to see people pity you for your decision. And every day I used to think “Did I take a right decision?” The battle was not coming to an end. It was more between a mother and a professional. I was convincing every day the entire womanhood about my decision. I used to sometimes cry also that why this is happening to me.


It’s not that I was not happy to be with my daughter, it’s just that I was unhappy because of all the unwanted attention. It took some time for me to introspect and decide what next but finally I regained my calm and conscious to get rid of this unnecessary social pressure. I started flaunting my non – working status proudly. I started spending time on my hobbies while my daughter started playschool. I spent time reading and writing to know more of my real self. And finally there came a time when my hobby only gave me my new profession. I started working again but this time on my own terms & conditions. My profession is still my second priority. My daughter was & will always lead this path.
Now when I look back I realize that the problem was not in the people, it was in our minds, people think being a housewife is easy. If you are a housewife you are ‘nothing’ I thought my so called “housewife” status is derogatory. It was “less cool”.

But with time I got the understanding of the new world I entered. It was not bad at all. It was not what people were pushing me to believe it was. It was just different from my last 8 years. I started enjoying it and finally made myself believe that I am not useless just because I am a housewife.

So, ladies please respect the decision of other woman. If she is working or non-working that is her choice don’t embarrass her by asking strange questions which can bewilder her confidence. We are trying hard to manage all but sometimes we too need a break or the freedom to choose. After all we are also humans.

Cheers !!


6 thoughts on “Adjusting to the changed status – Working to Non-working

  1. So proud of you Puja, not everybody has the courage to pen down or openly accept what she goes through quitting a successful career & entering 24 hrs job of being a mother. This is truly inspirational. More power to you ✌️


  2. Hey Pooja! The best part of this article is that u expressed ur heart a very lucid and straight words..most of the mothers of our generation have gone thru such transformation nd I’m no i can tatally relate it to myself. Keep writing!!


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