Who is in between you and your child ?


Children need our time like they need food & water. As parents striking a balance between our work and the time we spend with our child is of utmost importance. “Positive”/”Good” Parenting is never considered an easy job. No wonder many well researched articles say It’s a 24 hour job. Undoubtedly, It is. Thats is why a balance between your work and home has to happen otherwise ,an unhappy childhood can lead to consequences which can bring in the guilt forever for us.

We have to keep close to our child and have to be a part of her fairy/ wonderland world. Spending time is not enough, rather spending quality time is the need. Sometimes kids come back from school with lots of stories to share. They wait eagerly for their parents to come back home so that they can pour down all the excitement. But tired parents most of the time say ” Plz give me some time , let’s catch up on dinner” and then slowly the excitement is killed. This is a very small start of detachment. This aggravates with time and slowly even the child is not interested in sharing or talking to 2 people who stay in the same house but only give reactions / responses when they feel comfortable.


Remember , making your child feel special doesn’t take hours. It only needs some patient listening & hugs and kisses.

Recently , In my daughter’s school I found teachers explaining parents that why they should attend their child’s annual function. All this just because It is on a weekday. That was the worst I could feel, someone else has to tell you that make your child – ur heartbeat , feel important. Teachers explaining that It’s their 1st big performance on stage so don’t miss it. I agree Its not easy to take out time on a weekday but Hey It happens just once in a blue moon. Can be managed ya?

I am not a person who believes one should stay at home after kids but I also don’t believe that on the priority list my child stands 2nd . When I expect my child to be No.1 in all fields then by default in the priority list also she is on top. “No excuses” .

A reserved Sunday or a planned outing doesnot suffice the need of the moment. Your child’s curious questions cannot wait till sunday.

So, make him feel loved when he needs it the most ,not when you are comfortable doing it..


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