Is it the right time to have a baby ??


So cliche but true. Having a baby is like turning the life upside down. There’s no scientific formula which can tell whether you are ready to be on this roller coaster ride or not but the question haunted me as well 4 years back.

But unlike the “parents to be” every other family member thinks that, the day you get married is the right time to have a baby. And If you have completed 1 year of marriage without having kids there is a problem, get ready for a gynae trip ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Trust me there is nothing like right time. There is only one thing ” right mind frame” and “right body conditions”.

Mind frame means Do you really want a baby ? Oh yes It is the most important question. I understand it’s a natural process God has provided but God only gave us brains to think what is right and what is wrong for us. This is the toughest question to answer but I think ,still 90% of Indians want kids sooner or later. So let’s not exaggerate this.

Now how most of the couples decide when is the right time ?

1. Are we financially sound ? Have a house , a car , good bank balance etc etc

2. Are we bored enough or explored the world enough as a couple to now sit back at home taking care of the baby?

3. Am I ready for that weight gain?

And the answers are – Money is never enough, you cannot get tired of exploring the world and weight gain is not the problem, let’s just wait for a weight loosing pill to come and then all is sorted ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, let’s ponder effectively , running away from it is not a solution. Let’s ask

1. How is my body treating me ? Am I ready ? Let’s get a medical done. Let’s see what the doc says. Can I wait more…

2. How will I manage both job and kid. Is there a support system at home or Do I have to take care of the child on my own. If that so, Am I ready to take a break?

3. Do I have that patience to travel threesome on holidays now ?

Unfortunately , we take babies more as a burden ( whether you like it or not I think that’s the reality) then as joy. We think after baby life is little boring. One has to just be at home making baby sleep, eat and poo. But that’s the biggest misconception. Baby never asks you to become boring or stay at home,, It’s you who decides that. You don’t want to take the baby out, you don’t want baby to go on vacations with you, you want her to stay at home in winters. and as far as expenses go, a medical insurance and a little cut in your shopping (may be one Zara leather jacket minus) will make the baby happy.

Just open your mind little more , think beyond the old traditions. Make your baby your partner in crime, the 3rd partner. Go out with her , go on vacations , go shopping, play games. Trust me there will be just a little adjustment which you have to do, like instead of going on a back pack trip you will prefer a beach holiday but you will go on holidays.

This not only makes your life easy and going but makes the baby also open to this beautiful world as soon as he/she enters it. There’s no right time. There is only right body and right mind. Make yourself strong and enjoy parenthood like you never thought you could. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Parenting !!!

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