Hey !! Mothers are also human

IMG_8264-001Having a child is the life changing moment as you know lifelong you have to see your heart walking around outside your body . Yes this is how a mother is. She is the person who gives her heart and soul to her child forgetting her own well being. Mothers are the humans who after giving birth just want to live their life only for their child. They forget their own identity. But Is it to be proud of? No! This is what actually later on leads to frustrations and a life full of expectations. It suffocates both the child and the mother.

Please don’t forget that the person who loves himself can only give love to others. Love yourself mommies the way you are. Fat mom, short mom, thin mom, stay at home mom whatever you are first respect yourself and that is how you will become the role model for your child to love himself. Believe it , you will make your child much more confident with this attitude rather than by telling him what to become.


Being a mother no way makes you a superwoman. Ultimately you are a human who is prone to make mistakes so please sometimes just “Let It go”. You want to give best to your child but an error or a mistake here and there would not become a hurdle in that task. Don’t let guilt rule you. Sometimes just forgive yourself, after all you are a human.

Mommies you are a woman also. Please give yourself time. Hang out with friends, go out partying, go to saloon , look good, feel good, set trends or follow trends. Your child will never look down upon you for this rather will appreciate the change she will see every now and then and what else you need when your child says “I want to look like you mom”.

Share with your child your limitations. Every mom is different; tell your child what you are good at and what you actually cannot afford to do, avoiding unnecessary expectations. You have to accept your strengths and weakness. You cannot be good at all.

Remember a happy mom leads to a happy child. Don’t worry, something’s you must have not done as was expected but you did your best so, stop cursing yourself. You are doing a fantastic job as mum , just keep doing it happily and just keep chill some or the other time. A serious mum is not only a good mum.

Cheers !!! for all the good work mommies are doing …. 🙂 🙂

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