Fit Indian Mom … Tough to find ?? Really??


Few days back someone asked me in gym my age and I happily replied (trust me I gave the correct no. ).  Then the next question was ” When Am I planning to get married” and that blew my head away. I said its been 4 years since a tiny bum is calling me mom. Then came the punch of the day ” You don’t look like a mother “. My question was ” How do mothers look like?” And the answer actually made me sad ” Mothers generally are not this slim, you look like a school girl, how did you manage to achieve this ? Were you always like this? Blah! Blah! Blah!”

This incident made me think how Indian mothers are seen. There’s a notion that after being a mum you will be fat or may be chubby or may be at least healthy ,until and unless you are not Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Why do we have such notions. May be the fault is ours.

Being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me but It has not stopped me from loving myself. Generally we do not behave like mothers, we start behaving like “Mother India”. Some permanent all time famous excuses are “after baby life is totally changed and there’s no time to even breathe ” , “After office I am dead, at home I want to give time to my baby”, and the best one ” Shaadi hogayi bachee hogaye now for what ” ????

I don’t say these are all fake and fancy excuses. Of course Life is changed after baby but love for own self that also fades away ?? I don’t believe that. Pregnancy fat doesn’t go away easily but It surely goes with a good lifestyle. Fit Moms are still rare in India just because we women stop loving ourselves and just limit ourselves to being mother.

And by the way Fit Mom not only means slim mom. It is much more then that. Fit means strong and strong is beautiful. Your kids will love to see their mums fit and fine. My daughter loves exercising as she thinks It’s also a part of life. Exercise, walk, run, eat healthy and bring it to the family so that our coming generations become healthy fit and strong then ever.

Take Care of yourself !!!

## Any suggestions/ queries on fitness or any exercise drop in the comment section I will try to answer all of it

Love to all !!!

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